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The Texas Medical Board is required to review every grievance submitted to it. This means that any disgruntled patient can jeopardize a physician’s medical license and livelihood no matter how benign their complaint. When a physician receives a letter of inquiry, it is important to obtain legal counsel as soon as possible, as the Board typically requires a response within 30 days or less. An inadequate response can cause the Board’s investigation to drag on, causing further stress and increasing the chances of your professional reputation being damaged.

We work with physicians throughout the process to encourage a speedy resolution, bringing peace of mind to our clients. Our results-driven approach is designed to protect a physician’s license and allowing as little disruption to his or her practice as possible. Our legal team is extremely familiar with all steps of the disciplinary process, from the initial interview through administrative hearings. We are fully prepared to guide you through the review process to achieve successful outcome.

Have you received a letter of inquiry from the Texas Medical Board stating that you are under the subject of a complaint? Are you the subject of a hospital peer review investigation? In either event, your next steps are of critical importance. It is important to receive counsel from an attorney as soon as possible. Let us get started immediately.

We can assist in the following:

  • Drafting a thoughtful and persuasive response letter
  • Contacting and communicating with the board or its investigator
  • Helping you prepare for interviews and hearings
  • Representing you in meetings with the Board or hospital committee

License disciplinary issues can feel professionally and personally threatening to your livelihood. Few professionals have the insight and objectivity to manage this threat alone. At De la Rosa Law Firm, we offer years of skill, knowledge, and experience in handling professional license and hospital privilege disputes. We will protect your interests every step of the way. We tailor our approach to assist individual licensed physicians, nurses and mental health professionals.

Physicians have a lot to lose when a complaint is filed against them. One letter of inquiry with the Texas Medical Board can lead to a slippery slope of issues, ending in a publicly tarnished reputation and decreased patient load. An unfavorable Board ruling can threaten a physician’s career. With so much at stake, it is important to be proactive and address professional licensure issues immediately with the help of a professional license defense lawyer. Let us advise you in how best to respond to a Board inquiry or medical peer review proceeding. Our legal team will take every possible step to help you protect your hard-earned reputation.

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