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We are accomplished medical malpractice attorneys. Oscar L. De la Rosa in particular has more than 25 years’ experience representing physicians in virtually every area of medicine and surgery, as well as hospital systems, nurses, and other health care providers. We understand the threat and distraction these legal proceedings pose to your individual or group practice. For that reason, each claim receives thoughtful evaluation and a skillful, dedicated response. We focus on identifying accurately and early the critical issues that often determine the outcome of the case. We have experience and a depth of knowledge in numerous areas of medicine, associated standards of care, the risks and complications of medical treatment, and the complexities and challenges health care professionals face every day in caring for their patients. Just as every patient is different, no two malpractice cases are the same. Our knowledge and experience allow us to carefully weigh, scrutinize and respond to the allegations against our clients and the purported facts underlying plaintiffs’ claims.

We also understand the emotional toll that a malpractice claim can take on the client. Our attorneys work closely with you to understand every aspect of the case, but also to listen to clients’ concerns and provide the sound advice and support they need. We make sure to give our clients the information necessary to make an informed decision about the direction of their case and the strategy of their defense. Our personal attention and dedication give clients the peace of mind to focus their attention on caring for their patients rather than worrying about the outcome of their lawsuit.

Healthcare professionals require years of educational training before they are allowed to practice in their field. After all those years, it can be incredibly stressful to find yourself sued and accused by a fellow medical professional of violating the standard of care with a patient. At the De la Rosa Law Firm we help alleviate your concerns through our proven track record of success defending clients against such suits.

With our years of experience defending doctors and nurses against medical malpractice suits we are intimately aware of the legal landscape surrounding these types of lawsuits. Additionally, our breadth of experience dealing with many types of cases, ranging from misdiagnoses to severe complications following surgery, allows us to find the right experts to testify to the validity of your treatment.

At the De la Rosa Law Firm we utilize aggressive trial strategy in order to ensure our cases are not only “managed”, but are put in the best position to guarantee a positive result for our clients. This means that even when cases end up settling, we are ready to bring the case to trial and win in order to put maximum pressure on the plaintiff to reduce the ultimate cost to our client when the suit resolves. Through this strategy we have saved our clients millions of dollars both in settlement costs and in litigation expenses as we efficiently reach successful conclusions to our cases.

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