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Driven to provide the best defense and legal advice for their clients, we at the De la Rosa Law Firm specialize in providing health law regulatory advice, defending those before the Texas Medical Board, and representing healthcare institutions and providers in medical malpractice lawsuits.

Our commitment to client satisfaction ensures peace of mind for those they work for and has resulted in a proven record for 15 years of successfully winning cases at trial and reaching satisfactory resolutions when parties decide to settle.

About Us

Our firm is extremely results driven, providing cost effective, efficient counsel to our clients. We will ensure a stout defense without forcing our clients to break the bank in order to afford the legal representation and guidance they need. In short, we provide the best representation for our clients for each dollar spent.

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Armed with the skill and experience found at larger firms coupled with the focus and drive seen at a smaller firm, our clients know they are secure trusting us to handle their sensitive legal casework.